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"Renting construction equipment offers the greatest amount of flexibility. It also frees you from having to bother with maintenance and upkeep, costly repairs and rented equipment can be written off as a business expense."


"Home improvement projects are usually judged by time and cost. It may seem like an unnecessary expense to rent a tool, but in many cases it will save you time (which, as we all know, is money)."

Timothy Dahl, LifeHacker

Time is money

It makes sense to rent


"Every area of your home, both inside and out, has a project where it could make better sense to rent the needed tools or equipment."

Ellen Crean, CBS News

Reduce strain, do it yourself

"Consider how much time and strain you can save with
the right tools. You might find that spending $50 to
avoid 10 hours of backbreaking labor is a bargain. The right equipment also lets you tackle jobs that you would otherwise have to pay a pro for."


Avoid costly repairs


Ace a project, save time

"It doesn't make sense to pay a lot for a tool you may only use once or twice a year, leaving it to sit in your garage the remainder of the time. Sometimes you're better off renting. You get a high-quality tool that'll help you ace a project and maybe even save you time."

Brett Martin, Popular Mechanics

Your family-owned hometown rental source

Serving Lincoln County, Oregon, since 1966

Newport Rental Service is the largest equipment rental company in Lincoln County, Oregon.

Serving Lincoln County

Located in Newport, we serve a wide variety of customers - from general contractors, local businesses, local government and schools, to homeowners and "do-it-yourselfers".

The Equipment You Need

With a large variety of rental equipment, we can deliver what you're looking for - from heavy equipment to lawn maintenance tools - and we even provide party and event rentals.

Family Owned & Operated

The Lawrence Family has owned and operated Newport Rental Service since 1966, taking pride in their work and the service they provide - because they plan to see you again!

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Have the right tool for every job

"You’ll always have the right tool for the right job. If you own a tool, you’re tempted to use it for applications that might go faster than the tools that were designed for the job. Labor is the most expensive job cost, so the goal should be to make it more productive by using the right tools."

Tom Hubbell, American Rental Association